Bioinitiative informs: Cindy Sage, Ernesto Burgio, Lennart Hardell report on risks for childhood development. New research results widely documented to cause potentially harmful health impacts that can be detrimental to young people.

Cindy Sage and Ernesto BurgioElectromagnetic Fields, Pulsed Radiofrequency Radiation, and Epigenetics: How Wireless Technologies May Affect Childhood Development.


New epigenetic studies are profiled in this review to account for some neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral changes due to exposure to wireless technologies. Symptoms of retarded memory, learning, cognition, attention, and behavioral problems have been reported in numerous studies and are similarly manifested in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, as a result of EMF and RFR exposures where both epigenetic drivers and genetic (DNA) damage are likely contributors. Technology benefits can be realized by adopting wired devices for education to avoid health risk and promote academic achievement>>>

Lennart HardellEffects of Mobile Phones on Children’s and Adolescents’ Health: A Commentary


The use of digital technology has grown rapidly during the last couple of decades. During use, mobile phones and cordless phones emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation. No previous generation has been exposed during childhood and adolescence to this kind of radiation>>>


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